Geothermal energy videos by GeoForce Energy help you learn more about geothermal heating and cooling

Most people have heard about geothermal energy. They know that it sounds like it might be something they could be interested in for their home heating needs or commercial building. What exactly is geothermal heating and cooling? How does geothermal energy work?

This page will provide geothermal energy videos to help you understand the process of building a home with geothermal heating. It will also educate you on how geothermal energy works and if it’s a viable option for your project.

Geothermal Energy | How It Works by GeoForce Energy

This video explains the process of how geothermal energy is produced and used in residential and commercial geothermal heating and cooling projects.

Geothermal Energy | Sonic Drilling by GeoForce Energy

An option for geothermal energy is sonic drilling. This provides a quicker option and is a less intrusive option than digging a large geothermal field.

We hope you find these geothermal energy videos educational and helpful in your decision to use geothermal heating and cooling in your project. You can also visit and subscribe to the GeoForce Energy YouTube channel for more geothermal videos. Please contact us today at 604.897.3411 to discuss your options or fill in our short form and we’ll contact you right away.

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