Eco-King Heating Products

Eco-King Heating products offer premium performance without premium prices.

Eco-King Heating Products were introduced to the Canadian market early 2009 in Langley, BC, Canada and moved to our current location in Surrey, BC in 2011. They are a supplier of European Indirect Hot Water Tanks, Pex Pipe, High Efficient Boilers, Polypropylene (PP) Concentric and Twin-Pipe Ventilation Systems. With our line of products, we hope to meet & exceed all your home heating and hot water needs.

GeoForce Energy take pride in the quality of products we’re able to offer our clients. Eco-King Heating Products is able to meet our strict standards for quality, so we know you’ll be pleased with the results for your home. Eco-King Heating is a top choice for residential heating products.

High-Efficiency Boilers

The Eco-King boilers are available in 3 different sizes – 100,000 BTU, 140,000 BTU and 200,000 BTU. The Eco-King is European engineered & manufactured in the Netherlands. Our Combi (C Model) provides instant on-demand hot water with hydronic heating.

Indirect Storage Tanks

The Eco-King Indirect Water Tank is one of the best tanks on the market. We offer a limited lifetime warranty with all of our tanks. The large diameter inner coil combined with it’s length ensures high domestic hot water production.


We offer concentric, single pipe and flexible liner vent product made of ULC S636 approved polypropylene plastic (PP).