We’ve been working hard at getting the news out about GeoForce Energy. One of the highlights of the process has been the production of a video that explains how geothermal energy works, simply called: Geothermal Energy – How It Works . Many people have heard of geothermal energy, but most simply don’t know the process and how it actually works.

If you own a home, are building a new home or have a business or commercial building that you think may benefit from geothermal energy, please take a quick look at this short video and it should help answer some of your questions about how the entire process of getting your project ready for geothermal energy works. We also have a Geothermal Energy FAQ page should you still have some questions.

Enjoy the video – Geothermal Energy – How it Works! We’d love to hear from you so we can chat about your project. We also have more videos on our GeoForce Energy YouTube channel, so feel free to visit there from time to time as we put up some new video content. Drop us a line at 604.897.3411 to talk to us or you can fill in the short form on our contact page and we’ll get back to you right away. GeoForce Energy is a leading Vancouver geothermal heating and cooling company that provides geothermal energy services for residential and commercial projects.